Monday, July 16, 2012

K-Edge Garmin mount

Well, it's finally here. No, it's not more free watts, but it's that little bit of hardware that everyone with a Garmin Edge has been wishing for: the perfect Garmin mount. Made by K-Edge, this simple to use mount will change the way that you interact with your Garmin, and it will finally put it in a more visible and useable location.

The Mount for Garmin Edge is made of out machined aluminum and features an adjustable length for Edge 200, 500 and 800 accommodation. Know that timid click that your standard Garmin mount provides? Forget about it, because the K-Edge engagement is defiant and trustworthy, and it dares you to test it on the potholed roads of the Midwest. Impressively rigid and strong, the Mount for Garmin Edge not only fits all versions of the Edge, but it puts it in a visually appealing and functional location in front of the stem—not above it, on top, or off to the side as does the standard Garmin mount. This means that no longer do you have to risk your neck to see your heart rate skyrocketing during a crit or to see if you beat your top speed while ripping down a twisty descent in the Alps. It may also be argued that the location is more aerodynamic, but K-Edge hasn't put out any numbers on this. For now, we'll just think of it as a psychological aerodynamic advantage. And even with its ridiculously durable construction, the Mount does it all for a scant 30 grams, which is less than one of those gels in your jersey pocket. Weight weenies, rejoice.

In tests performed by Cronometro aficionados, all reports have been overwhelmingly positive. The location is beautiful and efficient, the rigidity of the mount is inspiring, and the weight is nothing to bat a lash over. And for the price it can't be beat: for $50.00 it can be yours, and Cronometro is the only one in town to carry them. Stop in soon because these are going quick—both off the shelves and onto bikes.

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